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Welcome. I hope these pages provide some links, models, or tools of interest to you.

I work with Ventana Systems, a software and consulting firm, where I can promote good modeling practice and use models to influence the management of business and public-sector issues. I spend my time on a mix of client projects, public policy work, and the development of courses in system dynamics model development and analysis. These pages are largely a product of my research work at MIT and document my personal interests more than my current professional activities.

In 1997 I finished my Ph.D. in system dynamics in the System Dynamics Group at the MIT Sloan School of Management. My dissertation research explores the policy implications of increasing dynamic complexity in climate-economy models. I also work on a variety of other problems in environmental management, public health, and business strategy.

I'm very interested in the application of modeling to group problem solving and negotiation and the development of better tools for the analysis of complex simulation models. I believe that promoting solid dynamic modeling skills is one of the best ways to have a positive impact on policy in the long run.

Tom Fiddaman

Ventana Systems
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